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How To Choose A Magnesium Supplement

Why Supplement Form Matters

What form of magnesium should you take, and how do you make the best decision for you? There are a staggering number of different magnesium supplements on the market. With so many to choose from, how can you pick one that is going to be the most effective? Learn more with RnA ReSet about magnesium supplements and how to make an educated decision for your own lifestyle and wellness.

  • Learn How To Choose A Magnesium Formula
  • Comparing The Most Popular Types of Magnesium
  • Take Your Own Magnesium Deficiency Quiz
  • Understand The ReMag Difference

Don't Let The Name Fool You

There are over 10 types of magnesium that our bodies can utilize, each with a different, scientific name. But all magnesium begins in its pure ionic form, ready to react with other elements or ingredients to become stable. In addition to different additives that take away from its purity, many supplement companies have taken on specialized terms to describe their mixture of magnesium types in attempt to make something new.

Know How To Find A Difference

Marketing and misunderstandings have created a separation of different magnesium types without considering what actually makes them different. Stop guessing based on what commercials or labels tell you. Learn the actual difference between magnesium types and why purity and absorption are the key factors to look for.

Compare Magnesium Types

Find Out If You Get Enough

Magnesium deficiency is common, even for people taking a supplement now. And whether it is the lack of foods you eat now, or your supplement isn't absorbing well, it is too important to your quality of lifestyle to remain nutrient-deficient. Take our online magnesium test to receive immediate results on whether you may be lacking in this core mineral.

Take The Mg Deficiency Test

Experience The ReMag Difference

ReMag Liquid Magnesium

Pure Magnesium in a Liquid Form

ReMag liquid magnesium was developed by Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND, a leading expert in nutrient health and author of the bestseller The Magnesium Miracle. Dr Dean's proprietary method of developing pure, picometer-sized liquid minerals revolutionized magnesium supplements with ReMag's complete absorption at the cellular level. And ReMag is the only supplement clinically proven not to cause the laxative effect, making it a trusted source of nutrients without experiencing the most common complaints about magnesium supplementation.

ReMag® Liquid Magnesium

Why ReMag Is Different Than Other Supplements:


ReMag is developed from a pure source of magnesium chloride through an 18-step process of transformation into its picometer form. This process results in an unheard of 60,000ppm concentration of pure magnesium chloride, with each picometer measuring at one-trillionth of a meter.


Only ReMag offers this level of concentration, size, and stability of ions. This stabilization created in the 18-step process is essential for absorption, and makes ReMag highly effective. Each drop is able to effectively slip through the mineral channels of the cells - bioavailable the second you start using it!

Source + Purity

ReMag's raw form comes from dolomitic limestone mined within the United States. The magnesium ore is then purified, ionized, stabilized, and liquified into its final formula state. The purification process ensures a 99.99% pure state before ionization.

Quality + Value

RnA ReSet adheres to a quality assurance process that meets and exceeds FDA requirements, while going beyond to meet the exacting standards of Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND. And when comparing the concentration and absorbability of both major competitors and specialty nutrients, RnA ReSet formulas often provide a 30%+ savings while providing superior ingredients.

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