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What To Look For In A Magnesium Supplement

What form of magnesium should you take, and how do you make the best decision for you? There are a staggering number of different magnesium supplements on the market. With so many to choose from, how can you pick one that is going to be the most effective? There are 2 important factors when considering how to select a magnesium supplement:

1) Ingredient Source + Purity

Many magnesium products contain compounds that are not easily absorbed or only provide a small amount of elemental magnesium. Ask for the manufacturer’s certificate of analysis ("COA") to review for label claims and heavy metal content.

2) Absorption Level

Most magnesium tablets and capsules come in 400mg servings, with the body only able to absorb ~20% of the actual mineral because of how they are made. So, while you think you’re getting 400 mg of magnesium when you’re really only absorbing 80 mg!

Why Supplement Form Matters

There are over 10 types of magnesium that our bodies can utilize, each with a different, scientific name. But all magnesium begins in its pure ionic form, ready to react with other elements or ingredients to become stable. In addition to different additives that take away from its purity, many supplement companies have taken on specialized terms to describe their mixture of magnesium types in attempt to make something new. Learn more with RnA ReSet about magnesium supplements and how to make an educated decision for your own lifestyle and wellness.

Most Popular Types of Magnesium

The assigning of attributes to specifically named, or branded, forms of magnesium creates a false narrative that one magnesium type is different than another. But the research has shown that any magnesium supplement will produce the same results and effects within the body, while only being limited to its absorption rate. And pill, tablet, and powder forms of magnesium have been found to have a less efficient absorption rate than liquid magnesium supplements.

Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium oxide is the LEAST well-absorbed magnesium on earth! It’s only 4% absorbed, yet the need for magnesium is so great in the human body, it still produces benefits!Sure, it will help to give a laxative effect to those who are constipated. But it’s not going to do much for magnesium deficiency conditions, and it won’t help overcome the magnesium drain caused by medications, fluoride in the water, sweating, stress and a dozen other causes of magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate powder is the most commonly used form of magnesium. Mixed with water, either warm or room temperature, it is better absorbed than in pill or capsule form. Many people, including the elderly, find mixing magnesium citrate powder to be quite messy and inconvenient. Additionally, magnesium citrate's absorption is about 20% of the amount you take.

Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium chelates, like magnesium glycinate, claim to be better absorbed and while creating less laxative than inorganic magnesium compounds. But they are only magnesium compounds with an attached amino acid, while being inaccurately portrayed as mimicking what plants do to minerals. And, the absorption rate for magnesium glycinate is about 20% of the amount you take.

Magnesium threonate

Magnesium threonate, orL-throeonate, is another chelated form of magnesium that is synthetically manufactured by combining magnesium with threonic acid. Animal studies have alluded to the effectiveness of increasing magnesium levels for brain health although all magnesium supplementation have been proven to affect and support brain health.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium chloride is a natural occuring form of magnesium, and considered to be the most pure source available. And research has shown that magnesium chloride absorption was found to be the highest of all magnesium forms while providing absorption within the gut, where it is most bioavailable.

How Do I Know If My Magnesium Supplement Is Working?

Magnesium deficiency is common, even for people taking a supplement now. And whether it is the lack of foods you eat now, or your supplement isn't absorbing well, it is too important to your quality of lifestyle to remain nutrient-deficient. Take our online magnesium test to receive immediate results on whether you may be lacking in this core mineral.

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