Full-Absorbed Minerals

Clinical Proof
of Picometer Size

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND developed all of her Completement Formulas™ to be highly absorbed by the body while meeting the requirements of vegan, keto, paleo, and other specialty diets with their ingredients. This includes our liquid minerals, nutrient capsules, skin care, and specialty nutrient formulations. RnA ReSet continues Dr Dean's commitment to nutrient research, and the identification of clinical proof of the efficacy of our formulas, to help people with a better way to stay nutrient-sufficient.

About Picometer-sized Liquid Mineral Formulas

ReMag® liquid magnesium is a pure, 60,000ppm magnesium supplement that has been proven effective in both the consumer and healthcare community. A placebo and cross over blinded control study was performed to prove the difference in our picometer liquid minerals, and their ability to be absorbed at higher rates by the body. The result of this research is proof that the proprietary, picometer formulation of our liquid minerals are better absorbed by the body at a cellular level.