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The RnA ReSet Customer Service team was built as an extension of the nutrient best practices developed by Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND over her 50+ year career in medicine and research. This free resource is available to anyone, and we encourage you to call-in and ask us your questions.

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In addition to our Completement Formulas, RnA ReSet's collection of resources continues to grow to provide self-service education and answers to your questions to fully utilize your purchases.

About Customer Support Team

Melody-Rose Parker

My name is Melody Rose Parker and my journey started from being a caller with Total Body Meltdown through my current position with RnA ReSet as content provider and editor started in 2011. I have grown with the company as it grew from less than a handful of people sharing RnA ReSet Drops®, ReMag®, ReMyte®, and ReAline® to an organization with dozens of employees and its own building. I look forward to the future – the best is yet to come!

Julie Dickey

I joined RnA ReSet in 2017 as a Customer Support Representative. I had been on the formulas for years before starting to work with Dr. Dean and Ginney. When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my Grandchildren. I don't go a day without taking my minerals! And that is my advice take your minerals, take your minerals.

Corinne Pallia

My name is Corinne and I have been working for the beloved Dr Dean for about a year and a half now in Customer Support. I take all of Dr Dean’s formulas and they have drastically changed my life in the best ways possible! I genuinely LOVE chatting with customers along their journey with Dr Dean’s formulas and hearing their success stories! I work with AMAZING, supportive coworkers and am blessed to be working for the best company around! Changing the world, one ReMag bottle at a time!

Bianca Valdez

Hi I’m Bianca, I started working for RnA ReSet in late 2021 as the first Spanish speaking Customer Service Representative! After working in various customer service jobs, starting a career here, re-sparked my childhood desire to touch the lives of as many people as possible,
empowering them to achieve a healthier versions of themselves. I strive to provide the best customer service to our customers with a positive attitude that spreads to our team. When I am not working I am tending to my plants, meditating to clear my mind and learning different methods of massage that I try out on friends and family. I'm so thankful to be working with such an amazing team of people and with the equally awesome formulas to back it up. Dr Dean's vision for enabling people to take control of their own health really spoke to me and I'm all the better for it.

Doug Tidwell

In Memorial: 09/19/1945 to 10/16/2023
October 2023 made it 7 years + 7 months that Doug Tidwell worked with customers at RnA Reset until his passing in the same month. Doug had always led a life of service in different forms, to learn and share with others. He was a Vietnam vet as part of his service to his country (1963-1966). His professional life included mechanical repair and then electronics, computers, + networks. Doug Tidwell loved talking to people, and enjoyed engaging with new friends. His passion for sharing his knowledge to assist and learn with others was always an example to his coworkers. And Doug enjoyed doing research of all nature to learn using his voracious thirst for new information. Doug was also a very spiritual person in daily practice.