Total Body ReSet for Men Testimonials

People That Have Found The Difference

Total Body ReSet For Men

A Champion of RnA ReSet is someone who has found a distinct difference in the way they feel, perform, and experience their lives based on their decision to take control of their health. Listen to the stories of these men who have stopped relying on vitamin and mineral supplements that are unreliable, unpredictable, or simply ineffective.

Muscle Health

Welcoming Dr Taylor Wallace to our page! We have actually been working with Dr Wallace for a long time now, as he has been studying ReMag. He shares his findings in the video, along with how magnesium supports muscles, and more!

Athletes and Minerals

Rigorous exercise depletes the minerals in our bodies. It's important we are replenishing these minerals in order to keep our bodies functioning at its fullest potential. Ben tells Courtney his routine and why getting the proper minerals is important. Check it out!

Heart Health

Imagine feeling great one minute and the next hearing that you may need a heart transplant...What a terrifying moment. Watch this video to learn how the Completement Formulas supported Kevin's journey.

Aging + Nutrients

The one and only Gregg Sanders!! Gregg is here to talk about the RnA Drops and mineralization with the RnA ReSet formulas. His experiences are truly incredible! You will want to miss this!!

Mental Wellness and Mineralization

Our dear friend Jason joined us to talk about mental wellness and mineralization! You can read more about Jason's story in Dr Carolyn Dean's upcoming Men's Health book. More information to come!

Intermittent Fasting

James has been on quite the journey these last 5 years through intermittent fasting! Join in to hear his story and how the Completement Formulas helped him in his journey.

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