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Say Happy 10th Birthday to ReMag®!

ReMag® Liquid Magnesium 10 Year Anniversary

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ReMag® is turning 10 this year, which is a cause for celebration! Get ready for a huge announcement and multiple celebrations as we commemorate this special milestone.

For the month of August, RnA ReSet will be focused on the 10 years of miracles experienced by our customers, and the opportunity to help others that are ready for more when it comes to their health and happiness.

And we're kicking off this special birthday by giving away a free year's supply of ReMag®!

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Need ideas before you submit? Continue on for help with your video birthday card, including ways to make your submission stand out.

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Listen as Ginney in Customer Support makes her own Birthday Wishes Video as an example of how others are saying "Happy Birthday to ReMag®".

Submissions Deadline: 11:59pm on 08/05/22

1) Create A 30 Second Video

We want to hear the story of your own successes while giving you a chance to say "Happy Birthday" to ReMag®. Consider the parts of your own health journey you would like to share, and find a well-lit place to capture your moment.

2) Upload It Using Our Form

Upload your video to us using our online form, while taking advantage of another opportunity to expand on your ReMag® testimonial.

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Submitting Your Story and Feedback

RnA ReSet encourages you to share your personal story about the difference that our Completement Formulas have made in your life, and the specific benefits you have realized from ReMag®. We have developed our formulas with high-quality, complementary ingredients you can and should share with your followers! But, you should always remember that your submissions should not include medical claims of any kind.

ReMag® Liquid Magnesium 10 Year Anniversary

Things To Remember:

  • Please avoid stating or suggesting that any RnA ReSet formulas will treat, cure, or prevent any disease, illness, or medical condition
  • Our formulas are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
  • You should never provide statements or other representations about RnA ReSet formulas that would be untrue, misleading, or deceptive
  • It is best practices to disclose your partnership with the RnA ReSet brand when posting

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Official Contest Rules:

RnA Reset's "Win A Year's Supply of ReMag" contest starts on 07/18/22 @ 12:00am, and continues until 08/05/22 @ 11:59pm as part of an invitation to our customers to share their experience with RnA ReSet and our Completement Formulas™. This event includes specific requirements to qualify, while maintaining a minimum amount of steps to participate and benefit from your engagement. Anyone that participates in this contest is voluntarily providing your efforts in return for a chance to win either: eight (8) 16.2oz bottles of ReMag® liquid magnesium or a ReMag® 8.1oz + ReMag® Balm gift set. All steps must be performed as outlined on this official contest page to be entered.

Winners will be announced on 08/22/22, and contacted to confirm their shipping details.