The Balance of Zinc and Copper Supplementation

Balanced Liquid Zinc + Copper

Pico Zinc® Plus was developed by Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND as a well-balanced formula that supports higher doses of zinc while the ionic copper is completely absorbed at the cellular level to eliminate artificial deficiencies. Continue learning more about how you can benefit from the balance of Pico Zinc® Plus.

  • The Benefits of Zinc + Copper
  • Why Balance Between These Minerals Is Key
  • About Pico Zinc® Plus
Pico Zinc Plus

Imbalance Affects Intake Values

Help The Body Self-Correct

Zinc and copper supplementation can create artificial deficiencies if not balanced out. That's why it is important to suggest a nutrient formula that is self-correcting when needing to add extra to your daily intake.

  • Zinc supplementation reduces copper absorption
  • Zinc supplementation reduces calcium absorption
  • Zinc supplementation for Wilson disease (excess copper)
  • Zinc supplementation to counter food compounds that block absorption (ex: vegetarian diet)

Why Pico Zinc® Plus is Different

Balanced Mineral Formula

Zinc and copper supplementation are highly common and becoming more important as our food supplies, or food choices, make it more likely we are getting too much of one, or not enough of another. That's why Dr Dean created Pico Zinc® Plus to be perfectly balanced to maintain a proper ratio of zinc and copper, while supporting similar structure and function applications that require both of these minerals. Take advantage of this 10:1 ratio formula that's optimized to bring your zinc and copper into balance.

Absorption + Purity

Be confident knowing what your patients are getting. Only Pico Zinc® Plus is developed using RnA ReSet's pico-ionic process to provide stabilized ions of pure minerals without binders or fillers. This liquid mineral formula is absorbed completely at the cellular level to provide reliable levels of zinc while overcoming copper absorption.

Balanced Liquid Zinc + Copper

Create a balanced approach with liquid supplementation

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