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"Magnesium, The Missing Link To Total Health" is a groundbreaking book offering a comprehensive look at the crucial role of magnesium in maintaining and enhancing overall health. Authored by Carolyn Dean MD ND, this book takes you into the often-overlooked importance of this essential mineral in our daily lives. Through a blend of scientific research, clinical studies, and real-life anecdotes, Dr. Dean reveals how magnesium deficiency can affect various aspects of our well-being, from energy production and muscle function to mental health and chronic disease prevention.

Start your journey to learn critical information about the importance of magnesium as the missing link to total health in the lastest book by Dr. Carolyn Dean. Now available in paperback + digital form.

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What May Be Keeping You From Wellness

Dr. Dean provides practical, actionable advice to help you make informed decisions about your health while providing insights into the significant impact of magnesium on our lifestyle and wellness.

  • 12 Reasons Supplementing Magnesium Supports Overall Wellness and Longevity
  • Why Many Traditional Diagnoses Could Be Magnesium Deficiency In Disguise
  • The Importance of Magnesium as a Partner/Co-factor With Other Essential Nutrients
  • Why Appropriate Magnesium Dosing + Absorption Support Long-Term Health Benefits
  • The Latest Research on Magnesium as the Foundation of Wellness

This book is not just a mere exploration of nutritional science; it's a guide to understanding and harnessing the power of magnesium to improve your health. Whether you are a health enthusiast, a medical professional, or someone looking to elevate your wellness journey, "Magnesium, The Missing Link To Total Health" offers valuable insights and practical advice to help you unlock the incredible benefits of this vital nutrient.

Discovering The Link To Low Energy

Carolyn Dean MD ND is both a medical doctor (MD) and a naturopathic doctor (ND), offering a unique perspective that combines traditional and alternative medical practices. Dr. Dean's expertise lies in bridging the gap between symptomatic and holistic approaches to health, while providing valuable insights into the benefits of nutrients for Total Body Wellness. Dr. Dean has been called one of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts on magnesium while gaining widespread recognition and admiration within the healthcare community for her research and dedication to the study of this essential mineral. And in her new book, Dr. Carolyn Dean has demonstrated an undeniable link between magnesium and the human body's ability to function at its best. This definitive nutrient publication is the perfect blend of education with an easy-to-consume approach that anyone wanting to understand how to maximize their health and wellness can follow.

A Unified Movement For Magnesium

Carolyn Dean MD ND has been exploring magnesium for more than 20 years in relation to the essential mineral’s practical and therapeutic applications. Dr. Dean’s studies have elucidated the relationship between magnesium deficiency and multiple pillars of health. And through her research, Dr. Dean has brought greater awareness to the impact of magnesium on overall health and the potential benefits of magnesium supplementation.

Partnering With Professionals
Learn how healthcare professionals are combining nutrients with their own unique protocols to improve outcomes from the strength of a holistic approach.
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Nutrient Testing + Research
See the results of nutrient research being performed by Dr. Dean to promote magnesium awareness while proving the impact of nutrients through exploring their therapeutic effects.
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Continue learning about Dr. Carolyn Dean, her new book, andd ongoing initiatives with local healthcare communities, nutrient research, and helping empower you in achieving Total Body Wellness with Magnesium, The Missing Link To Total Health.

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