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"Magnesium, The Missing Link To Total Health" is a groundbreaking book offering a comprehensive look at the crucial role of magnesium in maintaining and enhancing overall health. Authored by Carolyn Dean MD ND, this book takes you into the often-overlooked importance of this essential mineral in our daily lives. Through a blend of scientific research, clinical studies, and real-life anecdotes, Dr. Dean reveals how magnesium deficiency can affect various aspects of our well-being, from energy production and muscle function to mental health and chronic disease prevention.

Start your journey to learn critical information about the importance of magnesium as the missing link to total health in the lastest book by Dr. Carolyn Dean. Now available in paperback + digital form.

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What May Be Keeping You From Wellness

Dr. Dean provides practical, actionable advice to help you make informed decisions about your health while providing insights into the significant impact of magnesium on our lifestyle and wellness.

  • 13 Reasons Supplementing Magnesium Supports Overall Wellness and Longevity
  • Why Many Traditional Diagnoses Could Be Magnesium Deficiency In Disguise
  • The Importance of Magnesium as a Partner/Co-factor With Other Essential Nutrients
  • Why Appropriate Magnesium Dosing + Absorption Support Long-Term Health Benefits
  • The Latest Research on Magnesium as the Foundation of Wellness

This book is not just a mere exploration of nutritional science; it's a guide to understanding and harnessing the power of magnesium to improve your health. Whether you are a health enthusiast, a medical professional, or someone looking to elevate your wellness journey, "Magnesium, The Missing Link To Total Health" offers valuable insights and practical advice to help you unlock the incredible benefits of this vital nutrient.

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"Dr Dean highlights key factors about magnesium in her new book that every health practitioner should know and teach to their patients. Understanding magnesium deficiency and how to treat it isn't rocket science, its basic biochemistry that solves so many misdiagnosed issues.
Dr Dean has outlined her research and clinical findings so that anyone can more accurately identify and treat conditions related to magnesium and mineral deficiencies.
I'm a medical massage therapist and lifestyle coach. I use a functional approach in treating soft tissue injuries everyday with both manual techniques and nutritional suggestions, largely based on what I know about minerals.
My personal experience with Dr Deans Pico Magnesium has been life changing. I suffered with menstrual migraines and several other symptoms of magnesium deficiency my whole life. After taking Dr Dean's minerals for four months, I was migraine free, and have been for the past 4 years. I am so grateful for Dr Deans dedication in studying and formulating effective treatments for so many life altering conditions."

Michelle McDonald
Medical Massage Therpist

While reading Dr Dean's new book - Magnesium - The Missing Link to Total Health, a Bible verse kept coming to mind, which reads: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge for thou hast rejected knowledge". Hosea, Chapter 4 verse 6. This book is priceless, it is saving lives, and I am grateful to have this opportunity to share this knowledge with my customers.

Rebecca Mazzucca
Co-owner, Viva H2O

"Magnesium The Missing Link to Total Health and other books by Dr Carolyn Dean have taught me that magnesium is "a fortiori" vital, now more than ever before! I own a health spa focusing on colon hydrotherapy and have learned that magnesium is critical to achieve gut peristalsis. Consistent, daily use of a well-absorbed magnesium, in conjunction with our colon hydrotherapy protocol, works incredibly well for our many clients who rely on our services for their optimal health."

Marlee Trowbridge
Owner of Detonix

I have been a big fan of Dr. Dean's work for years. I have been carrying her products in my practice. I was reluctant at first to add any new products, but after getting samples of some of her liquid minerals, magnesium lotion and balm, I was converted as a user and as a practitioner. It has enabled so much good healing and optimal health for my patients. I love her videos and articles. She is an excellent teacher and resource. I recently got my hands on a copy of her new book Magnesium The Missing Link to Total Health. As a busy practitioner, I found the book extremely easy to read. I appreciated the explanations and user friendly tips about different ways Magnesium is so beneficial. It makes me feel like a well-educated subject matter expert who is changing the health of my patients. Thanks Dr. Dean for such an incredible resource.

Christopher McLaine

Dr. Carolyn Dean has hit the mark for both practitioner and laymen on the amazing overlooked benefits of Magnesium yet again. Her ability to write in a comforting tone yet firm stance is bar none when it comes to her expertise on this subject matter. Anyone who has been held in the dark about Magnesium will be brought into the light in this work. Purchase this book for yourself and all your doctors to give away as a gift. This one oversight on the application of pico meter sized magnesium is one of the biggest in medicine today considering the sheer amount of pressure everyone is under these days. Thank you Dr. Carolyn Dean for being the Magneisum Matriach we all need you to be. Aho!

Ken Newbill
Newbill of Health

“A very well researched book on magnesium and the benefits of having optimal levels. A definite go-to on the subject of magnesium deficiencies and health related magnesium benefits. An easy-to-read book for anybody.”

Matt Kauffman
Kauffman's Treasures

I am so happy Dr. Carolyn Dean took the time to write this new book Magnesium The Missing Link to Total Health. This book feels and looks more accessible than the Magnesium Miracle she previously wrote. The table of contents is well organized allowing practitioners to quickly search for health issues and find a How & Why. I love how she included QR scannables inside the book providing direct access to the referenced research. I found the book to be easy to read and always appreciate Dr. Dean’s approach to helping clients. The idea of prescribing low potency nutrients with high bioavailability really stood out to me. From potential FDA regulations to preventing nutrient toxicity the approach to low dosing really made sense and was a reminder how well thought out Dr. Dean’s approach to patient health really is. Reading this book motivates me to continue spreading the word of pico-ionic minerals and how impactful they can be for others. I am grateful to have this knowledge and look forward to sharing these blessings. Thank You!! :)

Benjamin Pelton
Be Perfect LLC

“Anyone can pick up Dr. Carolyn Dean’s new release, Magnesium: The Missing Link to Total Health, and within a few minutes, be in awe of what magnesium can do for their health. Her bestselling book, The Magnesium Miracle, a magnum opus on magnesium, brought crucial information on magnesium to her readers, including myself. Her understanding and explanations of how magnesium works in our bodies are even more accessible in her latest book, reaching a wider audience that may be overwhelmed by information overload. Pay particular attention to Fun Fact 6 for Dr. Dean's take on the importance of both the absorption and stability of your picometer sized magnesium ion supplement, backed by her personal experience with only being able to reverse her own magnesium deficiency with a picometer sized, stable magnesium supplement source.”

Laura Keegan
Lifeforce Family Health Care

Magnesium The Missing Link to Total Health makes it so easy to find answers. All one need do is look up an ailment and have the answer. It is very user friendly!

Dr. David Ball DDS, AIAOMT, MAGD
David Ball, DDS

Discovering The Link To Low Energy

Carolyn Dean MD ND is both a medical doctor (MD) and a naturopathic doctor (ND), offering a unique perspective that combines traditional and alternative medical practices. Dr. Dean's expertise lies in bridging the gap between symptomatic and holistic approaches to health, while providing valuable insights into the benefits of nutrients for Total Body Wellness. Dr. Dean has been called one of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts on magnesium while gaining widespread recognition and admiration within the healthcare community for her research and dedication to the study of this essential mineral. And in her new book, Dr. Carolyn Dean has demonstrated an undeniable link between magnesium and the human body's ability to function at its best. This definitive nutrient publication is the perfect blend of education with an easy-to-consume approach that anyone wanting to understand how to maximize their health and wellness can follow.

A Unified Movement For Magnesium

Carolyn Dean MD ND has been exploring magnesium for more than 20 years in relation to the essential mineral’s practical and therapeutic applications. Dr. Dean’s studies have elucidated the relationship between magnesium deficiency and multiple pillars of health. And through her research, Dr. Dean has brought greater awareness to the impact of magnesium on overall health and the potential benefits of magnesium supplementation.

Partnering With Professionals
Learn how healthcare professionals are combining nutrients with their own unique protocols to improve outcomes from the strength of a holistic approach.
Healthcare + Nutrients
Nutrient Testing + Research
See the results of nutrient research being performed by Dr. Dean to promote magnesium awareness while proving the impact of nutrients through exploring their therapeutic effects.
Nutrient Research

Find What You've Been Missing

Continue learning about Dr. Carolyn Dean, her new book, andd ongoing initiatives with local healthcare communities, nutrient research, and helping empower you in achieving Total Body Wellness with Magnesium, The Missing Link To Total Health.

More Great Words About Dr. Dean


Dr Dean’s book, Magnesium The Missing Link to Total Health is an excellent read and covers many topics that people need to know. It explains the issues. Magnesium is such an important piece of the puzzle. The book is of huge value. It needs to be shared with everyone, especially the seniors!

Marie Anderson
Health Coach and Therapeutic Practitioner

"The fact that picometer magnesium has the ability to be absorbed at higher therapeutic doses is a huge game changer. As someone who has been magnesium deficient my entire life, I now know how to maintain magnesium sufficiency. I am super grateful to Dr Carolyn Dean for writing these two books: The Magnesium Miracle and Magnesium - The Missing Link to Total Health. I recommend them to anyone who wants to learn all there is to know about magnesium!"

Terry Truesdale, DDS

"I started learning about magnesium in 2017 when I read Dr. Dean’s book, The Magnesium Miracle. At that time, I couldn’t fully comprehend the research regarding magnesium deficiency but I was convinced that it was a supplement I needed to try. Within weeks, magnesium supplementation greatly improved my sleep and reduced muscle tension and soreness. In 2021, I completed medical training to become a Physician Assistant. Based on my own experience, I began to recommend magnesium supplementation to my patients and noticed immense improvements in sleep quality, exercise capacity, digestive health and stress management.

Now, as a clinician, I have revisited the literature in Dr. Dean’s newest book Magnesium: The Missing Link to Total Health. This book has convinced me that magnesium deficiency is a public health issue that needs to be taken seriously by both conventional healthcare professionals and natural medicine practitioners. While the use of magnesium supplementation lacks randomized placebo controlled trials, as most vitamins and minerals do, the evidence in Dr. Dean’s latest book strongly supports the efficacy and safety of magnesium supplementation as a staple supplement for both lifestyle and preventive medicine. "

Brent Baskin
New England Center for Functional Medicine

I'm a business owner and a heart patient who believes in the benefits of magnesium. Dr Carolyn Dean's new book, Magnesium - The Missing Link to Total Health, gets right to the point. It contains the "nuts and bolts" about magnesium and is easy to read. Being short and comprehensive serves the wide audience of people who need to become better informed about the importance of magnesium supplementation.

Kevin Horning
Community Resource

This book is an incredibly valuable resource for health practitioners and their patients. It is a concise summary of the importance of correcting magnesium deficiency for long term health, and the importance of the most absorbable form: stable, pico-ions of magnesium. Dr. Dean presents a summary of research and clinical experience in small, digestible pieces. Magnesium - The Missing Link to Total Health will not only guide practitioners in advising patients on how to supplement magnesium, it provides the baseline information on how magnesium supports the structure and function of the body and brain along the continuum from poor health to complete wellness. After reading this book, I will be informing all of my clients to supplement with stable, pico-sized ions of magnesium.

Elena Pollard
Medical Assistant, Holistic

Overall , Missing Link to Total Health by Dr. Carolyn Dean is likely to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in optimizing their health through proper magnesium nutrition. It combines medical expertise with accessible writing, practical advice, and a focus on empowerment, making it a potentially impactful read for individuals seeking to improve their health naturally.

Jesse Guiterrez

The book, Magnesium - The Missing Link to Total Health by Dr Carolyn Dean, contains really good information that is important to know! Two of the most important things magnesium does is to regulate calcium and activate vitamin D3. It may not be the only supplement to take, but it is the most important one. The challenge is that it there are hurdles to getting enough of it because it is blocked by many things including herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and more. When customers supplement sufficiently, it is amazing to witness how beneficial magnesium is!

Marietta Lehman
Herbalist + Community Resource

Magnesium, The Missing Link to Total Health is a great resource for my patients to get a better understanding of the importance of Magnesium. I found the book to be very helpful and informative. It is written in a way that makes it easy to read. Dr. Carolyn Dean has dedicated lots of time and energy studying and researching the benefits of liquid magnesium. I always have to do my own extensive homework when it comes to joining forces with other practitioners like Dr. Dean. I have to put my name behind each product I sell here so that I can ensure it is of the highest quality and that it is effective and worth the cost and effort of taking it. Dr. Dean has hit a grand slam with this book. I am thrilled to be able to offer her high-quality products and have been incredibly happy with the resources and educational materials like this book.

Christopher Mclaine, DC, HHC

My late father, renowned compounding pharmacist E. George Roentsch, gifted me a copy of Dr. Dean's "The Magnesium Miracle" back in 2003. For my own health,and for the health of my clients. I have faithfully incorporated magnesium into recommended protocols since opening my practice in 2005.

Last year I reread Dean's The Magnesium Miracle's 2nd Edition, once again impressed with both the importance of the subject and Dr. Dean's thorough treatment of it. I have purchased several copies and lent or given them to clients to help inform them.

Her latest book "Magnesium: The Missing Link to Total Health" continues to drive the many points home and does so most compellingly. An excellent read for the lay person, as a researcher and practioner I especially value the many excellent references. It took longer to read this book than many, simply because I was hunting down reference after reference and adding them to my files. (I also purchased another book Dean recommended - a collection of studies "Magnesium in the Central Nervous System" edited by Robert Vink and Mihai Nechifor and another that caught my eye based on Dean's work, "Death by Calcium" by Thomas Levy, MD, JD.)

The bad news is that magnesium deficiency is at epidemic proportion in our population and has been for a very long time. The good news is that correcting it is easily done and can improve and sometimes remedy virtually all of our chronic health conditions.

For the person interested in what is behind today's most pressing health issues, Dean's new book starts out as a page turner in Chapter 1 - 'Exploring Magnesium Facts,' with the very first simply and powerfully stated: "Fun Fact One: 80% of Metabolism and 18 Main Functions." From here she follows with twelve more "fun facts" (sometimes not so "fun!") regarding magnesium and its profound influence on health.

The heart of the book is dedicated to detailing a full 68 magnesium deficiency related health conditions, and it would have been a much shorter list to detail what ISN'T there than what is! This is an excellent quick reference for whatever it is that "ails 'ya."

Dean spent more time in this book compared to ""The Magnesium Miracle,"" as I recall, talking about the importance of the pico ionic form of magnesium when it comes to optimal absorption. While reading this book I personally switched my magnesium supplement to this form and am in the process of educating my clients in that direction. As a strong proponent and user of the l-threonate form of magnesium for the brain, I was very intrigued with her clarification regarding magnesium, cerebral spinal fluid, and the blood brain barrier. I still haven't given up the concomitant use of l-threonate, but it is something I would love to discuss with her.

Resounding strongly with me and what I value when it comes to protecting and improving health from a nutrional perspective, I appreciated Dean's elucidation of magnesium's critical role in:
1. mitochondrial energy production
2. glutathione production
3. epigenetic influence to include methylation and MTHFR defects

Dean also importantly emphasizes common factors that deplete magnesium, perhaps chief among them very commonly prescribed medications very often prescribed to treat the very conditions caused by magnesium deficiency in the first place!

This book will remain an important part of my reference library and another book I will purchase several copies of to enthusiastically share with my clients.

Rebecca Montrone
Holistic Healthcare Practitioner + Herbalist
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Los Angeles, CA

I have three main points to share about Dr Carolyn Dean's book:
1. It could not have been written any better.
2. The book is well formatted and fun to read.
3. Dr Dean, as a MD and ND, encompasses the whole spectrum of health knowledge and has the credentials that should open minds across all of healthcare. The current system of medicine has put doctors in the backseat and they don't even know it. They all need to read this book and get a different toolbox!

As a pharmacist who consults and does retail pharmacy, I include a bag tag on the prescriptions that I send, which states: "Magnesium is responsible for 80% of known metabolic body functions." Glad it's on the front of the book! Next I am going to read Dr Dean's book, titled: "Death by Modern Medicine".

Mary Crane
Pharmacist Consultant

Magnesium - The Missing Link to Total Health is a vital resource for all healthcare professionals. The book reinforces how important and vital minerals are, and how magnesium is one of the most important minerals we need to assess and replenish. The book is well written and easy to read. It offers new revelations and has motivated me to revisit the list of magnesium deficiency symptoms with my current and new clients, and to encourage other professionals to do the same.

Richelle Walker
Emotional + Spiritual Community Resource

Dr Dean highlights key factors about magnesium in her new book that every health practitioner should know and teach to their patients. Understanding magnesium deficiency and how to treat it isn't rocket science, its basic biochemistry that solves so many misdiagnosed issues.
Dr Dean has outlined her research and clinical findings so that anyone can more accurately identify and treat conditions related to magnesium and mineral deficiencies.

I'm a medical massage therapist and lifestyle coach. I use a functional approach in treating soft tissue injuries everyday with both manual techniques and nutritional suggestions, largely based on what I know about minerals.
My personal experience with Dr Deans Pico Magnesium has been life changing. I am so grateful for Dr Deans dedication in studying and formulating minerals that fully absorb into the cell unlike any other brand available on the market today.

Michelle McDonald
Medical Massage Therapist + Lifestyle Coach

I love the book, Magnesium the Missing Link to Total Health, by Dr Dean, because it easily flows with one topic leading right into the next. It provides a deeper understanding and presents her thoughts logically with a progressive comprehension of all thing's magnesium. It's like hand in glove.

Barbara Gall
RnA ReSet Professional Affiliate

I recommend the book, Magnesium - The Missing Link to Total Health be part of every healthcare office as a reference guide, and part of every family library as the first book to refer to when there's a problem. I love the list of all the ways in which Magnesium - The Missing Link to Total Health presents. The explanations are outstanding! Magnesium is my favorite and most recommended supplement. I really appreciate the research and the time Dr Dean has taken to make this information accessible and easy to understand. Dr Dean, thank you for all you do!

Dolly Erickson
Naturopath, Neurowaves Inc.

Oh my gosh!!!! I’m so thankful for Dr. Carolyn Dean's hard work, easy to read and digest! Dr. Carolyn Dean delivers a groundbreaking exploration into the often overlooked but profoundly vital element of magnesium. This meticulously researched masterpiece unveils the astonishing role that magnesium plays in our overall health and well-being, shedding light on its transformative potential and the profound impact it can have on our lives.

From the very first page, readers are drawn into a world of mind-blowing information, where the significance of magnesium is unveiled with uncanny insight. Through a blend of scientific rigor and accessible prose, Dr. Dean navigates the complexities of magnesium's functions within the human body, revealing how its deficiency can lead to a myriad of health issues, from fatigue and insomnia to anxiety and cardiovascular problems.

What sets this book apart is its depth of research and its ability to connect the dots between magnesium deficiency and a wide range of modern ailments. Dr. Dean leaves no stone unturned as they delve into the historical, medical, and scientific aspects of magnesium, presenting a compelling case for its inclusion in our daily lives.

This book has the ability to empower readers with actionable insights. Through practical tips, dietary recommendations, and supplementation advice, Dr. Dean equips readers with the tools they need to optimize their magnesium levels and reclaim their health.

As I turned the final page, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards Dr. Dean. Finally, someone has dared to speak up about the importance of magnesium and its transformative potential. This book is not just a revelation; it's a revolution in our understanding of health and wellness.

In conclusion, Magnesium: The Missing Link to Total Health is a tour de force of research, insight, and empowerment. Whether you're a health enthusiast, a medical professional, or simply someone seeking to live their best life, this book is a must-read. Prepare to be enlightened, inspired, and forever changed by the revelations within its pages.

Dr. Jennifer Campa
Generation Wellness Center

Dr Dean’s book, Magnesium The Missing Link to Total Health explains so many symptoms in our body that we experience. The book highlights how magnesium impacts the vast majority of the major pathways and processes within the body. Just to list a few, muscle cramps, strength in working out and sleep is dramatically affected by Magnesium. Without question, taking the right Magnesium and the right amount will deeply affect your daily life! Thank You Dr. Dean!!!

Dr. Maureen Haddad DC
Professor, Life Chiropractic College West

I adore this book! I use it often for reference and I am never disappointed. I recently purchased 10 copies for friends and clients. I really do believe in Dr. Dean and the science of her products. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have found them.

Gina Ruth
Mojo Physio