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Are You Magnesium Deficient?

Join the tens-of-thousands of others that have already used our online magnesium deficiency test to receive a personal understanding of what it means to be deficient. Stop letting a possible lack of this core nutrient affect your everyday lifestyle and wellness. Start your own journey to nutrient sufficiency by taking this short quiz, and receive your deficiency-risk results along with some next steps that could help you and others learn more.

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Learn More About Yourself

The RnA ReSet Magnesium Deficiency Test was developed to help anyone identify a possible nutrient-deficiency in their diet through a score-based assessment of your deficiency risk. Receive immediate feedback based on your answers, and a custom path that's been proven successful for others at a similar stage of their health journey. This online test is useful for anyone wanting to prevent the common issues associated with a magnesium-deficient body, or learn why magnesium has become more important to monitor in our everyday lifestyles.

Your Diet Isn't Giving You Enough

Poor eating habits, specialty diets, and a lack of minerals in the soil our produce is grown in and water we drink has created an artificial magnesium deficiencies in many of our diets. Trying to get enough magnesium everyday can be a challenge even when eating specifically for more of this mineral, or taking a poorly absorbed supplement.

Get Results Fast

Most of the people you know today are magnesium deficient, and don't realize this lack of minerals and electrolytes could be causing a disruption in their quality of life. It's important to regularly test yourself and pay attention to the signs your body may be giving you. Although a blood test is the only way to clinically diagnose a magnesium deficiency, our online test will help you quickly identify if you are at risk and can benefit from a supplemental boost to your magnesium levels.

TAKE THE TEST:  Learn how to identify the common issues people experience from magnesium-deficiency

Get your online test results and gather some new ideas that work for you. after completing the RnA ReSet online magnesium deficiency test. Many healthcare professionals already recommend magnesium supplementation for their patients to help counter drug-induced deficiencies, poor eating habits, or additional requirements for magnesium the body has because of vitamin D supplementation. But, even If you feel generally healthy today, you have everything to gain by adding a recommended daily dosage of magnesium. Share the results of your test with your family and friends with similar issues, and prepare your questions for the next time you speak with a healthcare professional.

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