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Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND understands that trying to create a personalized nutrient regimen on your own can be difficult. That's because everyone responds differently to supplementation including absorption rates, your body's metabolism rate, and the general benefits you receive based on dosage and other factors. Measuring your nutrient status quarterly, while completing monthly assessments in between in preparation for retesting, is the only way to know if your nutrient intake levels are helping. That's why Dr Dean and RnA ReSet have partnered with Grassroots Health to help make it easy for anyone who wants to better understand their own nutrient levels and what may require more attention.

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What Will Be Measured

GrassrootsHealth multiple-nutrient test measures and reports on the most common nutrient deficiencies while providing structured data to help you make educated decisions for your health. This special RnA ReSet test includes an added focus on thyroid health and the measurement of how your nutrient intake affects its function. Your total testing experience will provide a personal view to how your body responds to supplementation via blood testing, and analysis of detailed questionnaires and monthly tracking of your results.

Included Testing:

  • Magnesium
  • Omega 3
  • Vitamin D
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

Partnering To Improve Nutrient Outcomes

Everyone experiences a unique response to supplementation or nutrient intake called the dose-response. This response is affected by your current health condition, digestive health, co-nutrient status in the body, medications, genetics, and multiple other factors. Optimal levels of vitamin D, omega 3, and magnesium levels can be difficult to maintain without taking into consideration your own dose-response and how nutrient-levels can fluctuate.

Join the Magnesium*PLUS Focus Project today! Knowing your levels is key to managing your own health.

Gain Better Insight Into Your Nutrient Levels

Here are some common questions about magnesium that will be addressed with participation in this Magnesium*PLUS Focus Project:

  • How might magnesium be working for me?
  • What specific health outcomes are associated with this nutrient for me, for the total group?
  • How can I figure out how much to take? What’s the dose-response relationship for all? For me?
  • Does it matter if I’m also taking vitamin D? Omega-3?
  • Does it matter what compound of this nutrient I take? What product? What time of day? How often?
  • Does taking magnesium affect my level of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and subsequent thyroid function?
  • What are the demonstrated health outcomes used to create this nutrient’s recommended range?

About GrassrootsHealth

GrassrootsHealth Nutrient Research Institute is the World’s Largest Crowd-Funded Nutrient Research Project, Following the Guidelines Developed by Their Former Director of Research, Dr. Robert P. Heaney. Science Based Information From 1000’s of Participants That You Can Use for Your Own Health.