Strategies to Increase Your Outreach

Make More With Doctor-to-Door

Join RnA ReSet PRO as we take a deeper dive into the Doctor-to-Door (D2D) portal platform while exploring ways you can start marketing more to your customers online. This 10min event is the perfect jumpstart to a better understanding of how to use your D2D portal while implementing effective marketing strategies toward online. Join other D2D Partners as we offer an interactive event in support of our RnA ReSet PRO community.

Strategies to Increase Your Outreach

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Learn How To Leverage The D2D Platform

The Doctor-To-Door program provides you ready-to-paste links and coupon-offers that can be shared through email, social media profiles, or any digital platform where you represent your business. These links bring your customers to a secure, managed website where purchases and shipping choices are made while automatically tagging these referrals as your customer. Learn ways to:

  • * Start using links to drive traffic to your RnA ReSet store
  • * Upgrade your traditional marketing materials with QR codes
  • * Create a recurring posting strategy for your social media profiles
  • * Utilize your Doctor-to-Door Manager as a resource