RnA ReSet Barley Powder formulas

When you're feeling good, what comes next?

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But the Magnesium Miracle is not the end. It is just the beginning.

Once they overcome magnesium deficiency, ReMag® users tend to find themselves healthy and happy and ready for MORE. But why stop there?

Introducing… the Next Level of Miracles.

We have developed a line of formulas that contain a totally new, exciting substance that we call RnA ReSet Powder.

It is a byproduct of the process that we use to make RnA ReSet Drops – Nature's Perfect Nutrient

RnA ReSet Drops

Since 2011, RnA ReSet Drops users have reported experiencing new levels of calm and bliss, where the cares of life just melt away. We wanted to know how this germinated barley seed powder was doing more than just providing nutrition – it was making people feel "blissed out"!

So we began to experiment.

In our anecdotal farm experiment, we were amazed to discover that a "mash" containing RnA ReSet Powder helped radish plants grow healthier, stronger and more beautiful than a control group.

Mash radishes
Control radishes

Why did the RnA ReSet Powder radishes thrive?

We think that the barley powder increased the life force of the plants – and insects, worms, bacteria, and weeds are programmed to prey on weak organisms, not strong ones. That is probably why the radishes were able to thrive.

So, did the RnA ReSet Powder infuse the radishes with life and energy and make them incompatible with the organisms looking to cull out the weak plants?

Like homeopathy, there is something happening here that can't be explained by science. As the saying goes, "today's magic is tomorrow's science." 

So, if RnA ReSet Powder can do this for radishes and made users feel "blissed out", just imagine what it could do for you!

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RnA ReSet Powder formulas are 22% off this week

Here are our formulas that are fortified with the RnA ReSet Powder.

This week only, we are offering a 22% savings so you can try these formulas for yourself!


Flora ReVive® - Soil based probiotic

Flora ReVive


D3K2 ReSet™ - Plant-based vitamin D

D3K2 ReSet


Whole C ReSet™ – Whole food vitamin C

Whole C ReSet


Vitamin C ReSet™ - High dose vitamin C and potassium berry drink powder


Vitamin C ReSet


ReStructure™ – Vanilla Protein Powder

ReStructure Protein Powder


RnA ReSet Drops - Nature's Perfect Nutrient

RnA ReSet Drops


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