My Magnesium Miracle video contest

"My Magnesium Miracle" Contest

My Magnesium Miracle

Share your story for a chance to win
RnA ReSet formulas!

(This is a contest where you record a video for a chance to win prizes).

Are you proud of the new improved you that has resulted from using ReMag®? 

Magnesium is such a crucial mineral that once your body is saturated with it, you can experience a new level of health that enables you to be a greater version of yourself and to feel better than ever and do things you couldn't do before. 

We call this “The Magnesium Miracle”.

We are always receiving testimonials from people telling us that their lives were "changed" by ReMag®, even after other types of magnesium were not having much of an effect. 

Over 50% of Americans experience magnesium deficiency, which is responsible for many health conditions. We need YOU to help us get the word out to help others take back their health. Share your Magnesium Miracle story for a change to win great prizes!

Watch this video to see what we mean.


We at RnA ReSet believe in inspiring people to take back their health. That’s why we are celebrating the Magnesium Miracles of our customers. By doing this, we can help cheer on those who may be struggling to achieve the miracle that happens when the body is no longer deficient in this essential mineral.

Join us in celebrating miracles! 

If your life has been changed by ReMag®, we invite you to share your story. 

Read on for details on how to participate. Not only will you help inspire others to stick with ReMag® long enough to experience the miracle, you can also win RnA ReSet formula prize packages!


Contest details

Let’s inspire others to keep taking ReMag® until they experience a breakthrough in their health and well-being. Help us defeat the silent public health crisis of magnesium deficiency.

Share your story for a chance to win valuable RnA ReSet formulas!

Top stories will be featured on the RnA ReSet website and social media.


Prize packages

The winning videos, as selected by our community and the general YouTube audience will receive one of the following prizes.

Grand prize:
Total Body ReSet Bundle PLUS Total Body Immunity Bundle (value: $327)

Bundle grand prizes

Runner up prize (5 will be awarded):
Total Body Immunity Bundle (value: $128.36)

Total Body Immunity Bundle

How to enter the contest

Record a short video (no more than 1 minute) answering the question: 

How has ReMag® changed your life?
(Not physically, but your emotional state)

It won't take long and you don’t need to talk about your health issues. In fact we don’t want you to talk about your health issues. Due to legal rules and regulations, you can only talk about improved emotional state and lifestyle, not about your medical or health conditions.

Focus on your improved emotional state, lifestyle, and perspective on life as a result of taking ReMag®.

Your video must be:

  • Well lit and clear
  • Easy to hear
  • No longer than 60 seconds
  • You talking directly to the camera

In this video, Emily shows the kind of video we're looking for.

Now, It’s your turn to shine!


 Don’t delay! Entry deadline is Sunday November 15 at 12:00pm (noon) Eastern Time,
or as soon as the first 100 video entries are received – whichever comes first.

Yes, going in front of the camera can be intimidating. But think of how you will be inspiring others when they see someone who stuck with ReMag® long enough to experience the Magnesium Miracle effect.

Plus, you’ll earn a chance to win one of our great prize packages!

We’re not looking for Hollywood-quality video. Just flip on your computer or smartphone camera and tell it straight from the heart. We value authenticity over production quality.

How winners will be selected

Once entries are received and entry closes, RnA ReSet staff will review all video submissions.
Approved videos will be uploaded to the RnA ReSet YouTube channel where they will be made available for public viewing.
The video with the most likes at the end of the voting period will win the Grand Prize.
The next 5 most "liked" videos will receive the Runner-Up Prizes.


Who can and can't enter

Anyone over 18 yrs of age. No purchase is required.
Only entries in English language will be considered.
Only videos with spoken words will be accepted. Videos without speech will not be accepted.
Videos from grand prize winners from within the past six months will not be accepted.
Only one (1) submission per person will be considered.
RnA ReSet staff reserve the right to exclude video entries from the contest based on inappropriate content as well as poor video quality, inaudible sound, or the inclusion of copyright-protected audio or video materials.

Terms of entry

By uploading your video, you grant RnA ReSet (New Capstone Inc.) the right to use the video on its web site (, social media channels and in online advertisements.


Contest entry closes on Sunday November 15 at 12:00pm Eastern Time, or as soon as the first 100 video entries are received – whichever comes first.

Approved entries will be posted for voting on Monday November 16.

Voting period will end Sunday November 22 at 12:00pm Eastern Time.

Prize winners will be announced on Monday November 23.