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Happy 10th Birthday ReMag®

ReMag® is turning 10 this year, and RnA ReSet wants everyone to join in on the celebration! We're inviting you deeper into the conversation about magnesium, offering big savings on your favorite formulas, and giving away a year's supply of ReMag® for sharing your Magnesium Miracle experience with others. Don't forget to click on the Celebration Calendar below!

Special Offers

RnA ReSet wants everyone to be part of this joyous time with pop-up sales + specials all throughout August 2022!

Formula Highlights

Get access to new information on how to combine different nutrients to support your next level of health goals and wellness.

New Content Launch

We've brought back our blogs, a new list of recipes, and a new magnesium info hub to help everyone learn more at their own pace.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Magnesium Miracles With ReMag®

ReMag® has become the magnesium supplement of choice for people who want to experience new levels of energy and wellness without the laxative effect that other brands are known for. This proprietary, pico-ionic magnesium formula is completely absorbed at the cellular level providing the same beneficial effects as 5-10 times the results of other formulas. That's why people still often refer to ReMag® liquid magnesium as a true "Magnesium Miracle."

Take the time to learn more about why magnesium is important for your lifestyle, or go ahead and start finding an option for adding ReMag® to your everyday routine.

Happy Birthday from Our Formulas

Listen as a few of our formulas say "Happy Birthday ReMag®" and tell us how good they feel when you're magnesium sufficient.

Vitamin C ReSet Powder

"Seems like everything I do in the body is enhanced since I've met you, ReMag®. And I return the favor by making you taste great!"

ReAline Vitamin B Complex

"We have always worked well together, and help energize each other in the body. I got to say it: our friendship is really amazing!"

D3K2 ReSet

"I tell people that if you want to work with me, they really should meet ReMag®. This liquid mineral is the reason I go to work everyday, and I couldn't do anything without it."

ReMyte Mineral Solution

"Everyone knows that I have made ReMag® part of who I am inside as a formula. And although I do a lot, I make sure to include my friend to make sure I'm completely ready."

Celebration Calendar

Everyone at RnA ReSet has been waiting patiently and now it's time to kick off the big party. We are so excited and so thankful for everything ReMag® has done for us; even our formulas are happy! And we don't want to spoil the surprise, but we're offering a month-long celebration of specials and savings as a personal present for you.

Check out the Celebration Calendar to know what dates you can save money. And don't forget to tell everyone you know that they're invited to the party. This event will only happen once, and we don't want anyone to miss their chance to feel blessed.

What An Incredible Decade with Dr Dean!

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND started developing ReMag® after working within private practice as a medical doctor and naturopath for more than 35+ years. And Dr Dean only introduced her proprietary liquid magnesium formula to the public after making sure it worked the way she expected by testing it on herself. Dr Dean's message and integrity have never changed in 45+ years, while continuing to serve multiple generations with her knowledge and background in nutrient health.

ReMag® has provided consistent results for more than 10 years because of the same kind of commitment to quality and dependability. And thousands of people have submitted testimonials sharing what an incredible difference it made in their lives. Learn more about Dr Dean, her book "The Magnesium Miracle", and the benefits you will receive as a member of the drcarolyndean.com website:

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