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About The Bundle

The PRO Gut Bundle is a combination of 1 x 16.2oz ReMag, 1 x 16.2oz Pico Silver, and 2 x Flora ReVive 60ct bottles. The powerful combination of prebiotics, probiotics, and pure silver ions supports comprehensive gut health by balancing the microbiome, enhancing immune function, and combating harmful pathogens. Start learning more about the individual Completement Formulas that make up this special PRO partner bundle.

Flora ReVive®
Power of Synbiotics
A soil-based probiotic-prebiotic antifungal formula and part of Dr. Carolyn Dean's Yeast Detox Protocol.
About Formula
Pico Silver®
Pure, Not Colloidal
A pure, stable ion of silver absorbed at the cellular level without buildup like colloidal formulas
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