Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND, Nominee for the Dr Rodgers Prize for Excellence

Dr Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND has been nominated for the 2021 Dr Rogers Prize™ for Excellence In Complementary & Alternative Medicine in recognition of her visionary leadership in the field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Learn more about this special honor, and how Dr Dean's 40+ years of service to her patients, consumers, and colleagues has made a personal difference in peoples' lives.

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND

More About The Dr Rogers Prize™

Dr Roger Rogers was a pioneer in the fields of alternative and complementary care for his patients for more than 40 years. Dr Rogers' work was devoted to the whole-body approach to overall health, applying his knowledge of each system's interdependence and codependency with each other, versus a silo approach to healthcare. Dr Rogers spent his career involved in research and founding healthcare initiatives intended to continue the lessons he had learned in private practice, and as part of nationally- and internationally-known health organizations.

The Dr Rogers Prize™ for Excellence In Complementary & Alternative Medicine was started in 2007 as a way to recognize the vision of Dr Rogers' protocols and overall approach to complementary and alternative (CAM) treatments. This competition recognizes the true catalysts for change and advancement in healthcare across any discipline and/or health philosophies. Like Dr Rogers, the nominees and winners of the Dr Rogers Prize™ are celebrated for their leadership and integrity throughout their own medical career.

Nomination of Dr Dean

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND's nomination for the Dr Rogers Prize™is the recognition of her same dedication and leadership to healthcare displayed by Dr Rogers in his own personal and professional career. Dr Dean's commitment to research, personal health advocacy, and the application of a full-body approach to a person's health journey has remained consistent. She continues to touch the lives of many Canadians and individuals across the world through her dedication to evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine.

And tens-of-thousands of people around the world benefit from her incredible collection of information about proper nutrition, diet, and exercise that supports optimal health and a better quality of lifestyle every day.

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND Private Practice (1986)

Support From The Community

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND is well respected in the medical community for her insights into nutrients, and the ability to collaborate across multiple disciplines and philosophies. Dr Dean has always represented a higher-level of dedication to understanding things from a total-body perspective. The groundbreaking research into magnesium deficiency, yeast overgrowth, and the power of picometer nutrients started by Dr Dean continues to bring admiration from all levels across multiple healthcare fields.

Dr Taylor Wallace

Dr Taylor Wallace

Dr Taylor Wallace has dedicated his personal and professional career to research and is recognized for his commitment to the integrity of his field. Read Dr Wallace's recommendation and testimonial to the impact of Dr Dean in the medical and research community.

Dr Verna Hunt BSc, DC, ND

Dr Verna Hunt

Dr. Verna Hunt BSc, DC, ND is a naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, and kinesiologist in practice for over 35 years. Read Dr Hunt's recommendation recognizing Dr Dean's dedication to healthcare and the personal well being of her patients for more than 40 years.

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