Choosing The Right Omegas For You

Sustainable Sources of Omegas

Balancing Omegas For The Most Benefits

Over the last 20 years, "omegas" have become the most commonly purchased nutrient supplements among adults as research continues to reveal their multiple benefits. The evolving conversation around the role of polyunsaturated fats in our diets and the way our bodies utilize these lipids at the cellular level, have elevated omegas to a true "essential nutrient" to many people. But how do you know when you are buying the right omegas when you start looking at the labels?


Omega-3s support cell membranes and your cell receptors as they communicate with each other in the body. This essential fatty acid is vital for prenatal brain development and continues to support brain and mental health throughout your lifetime. The combined brain, heart, eye, and bone support, combined with a natural anti-inflammatory effect, make omega-3 a vital nutrient to consider in any health plan.


Omega-3 and omega-6 are both fatty acids, but each have different benefits and dose requirements. Omega-6 is important for similar cell receptor functions, and plays a crucial role in lifetime brain function, in a similar mannaer as omega-3 does. Omega-6 levels are also linked to bone health and keeping the reproductive system functioning properly. But, omega-6 intake levels need to be balanced to get the benefits.

The key to selecting the right omega supplement is finding one with the proper balance of multiple omegas, not just a lot of omegas. Many of the supplements on the market today are being sold based on the extremely high-levels of omega each capsule contains, but rarely mention which omegas you are actually getting. The two most common omegas, omega-3 and omega-6, have both been shown to provide health benefits with regular use. But taking higher doses of omega-6 alone can increase inflammation and cause other disturbances that can damage your systems. That is why the balanced omegas provided by algae-sourced supplements are considered superior to many other omega sources today.

Why Algae for Omegas?

Concerns over heavy metals, generally eating less meat, or not liking the taste of fish has removed many natural sources of omegas from our diets. And trying to get their omegas from supplements have turned people off in the past because of their fish-based sources, or because of the "fish burps" they are experiencing. Your body is already designed to convert ALA in the body to EPA and DHA without the need to consume marine sources. This is why algal oil, or oil made from algae, has become a superior source of omegas for many people already.

Balanced Omegas

No "Fish Burps"

Vegan Friendly

Sustainable Source

Equal Results

The Omega Acronyms You Should Know


Many sources of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) you find on the market today are sourced from fish, fish oils, or krill oil. Products using these marine sources are why many people experience a strong aftertaste or "fish burps" when taking these supplements. All marine sources gain their EPA and DHA to be used in these supplements from the algae they eat in their environment.


Alpha linolenic acid, or ALA, is found mostly in plants and is used as a direct energy source by the body when available. Many infant development formulas on the market today will include ALA because it is the only omega-3 that is essential, and is unable to be made by the body itself. The body naturally converts ALA into EPA and DHA, and has been proven to be as effective as fatty fish proteins when absorbed.

Why Omega-3 Algae A+E?

Omega 3 Algae A+E was formulated to meet the nutritional requirements for all the essential fatty acids PLUS provide highly beneficial vitamin A and vitamin E in one convenient capsule. When combined into a daily health routine that includes adequate levels of magnesium, all these nutritional assets can work synergistically to your benefit.

Omega-3 Algae A+E

Vegan-Friendly Omegas

Omega-3 Algae A+E® provides you the right balance of omega-3 and omega-6 in a vegan friendly, capsule form. From start to finish, Omega 3 Algae A + E is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in the USA that results in a consistently pure, naturally potent, and effective ingredient for human nutrition.

Vitamin A+E

This formulation includes 5000 IU of vitamin A as beta carotene and 50 IU of vitamin E as mixed tocopherols. Combining these nutrients into a fatty acid environment immediately boosts the ability of these fat-soluble vitamins to work in your body. This means you get more benefits, and save money, by getting your vitamin A + E with RnA ReSet.

Omega 3 Algae A+E Is The Best Omega-3 Supplement For Those Who:

  • Do not eat 2 or more servings of fatty fish a week
  • Are susceptible to fish allergies
  • Show elevated triglyceride levels*
  • Show less than 8% saturation of fatty acids through blood testing*
  • Want optimal levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in a single serving*
  • Desire the additional health benefits of Vitamin A as beta carotene*
  • Desire the additional benefits of Vitamin E*
  • Honor sustainability and reduce the instability of marine ecosystems

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