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PRO Gut Bundle Event

We invite our PRO Partners to join our upcoming PRO Gut Bundle event and help your customers reset their gut.

This PRO Partner event is a fantastic opportunity to boost your engagement and sales with the support of exclusive resources to spread the importance of nutrient-sufficiency. Register to get your code for sharing in your social media + email while getting help from the PRO marketing team in setting up your handouts, QR codes, and other resources. Learn more about the this event and protocol below.

About The Regimen

RnA ReSet's Gut Health Bundle offers a comprehensive approach to digestive wellness by balancing the microbiome with a potent blend of probiotics and prebiotics. This bundle not only supports a healthy gut but also enhances immune function and combats harmful pathogens, ensuring optimal digestive health.

ATTN: Custom Product SKU

Upon submitting your form, you will receive your coupon code + link to a unique, custom bundle to use for this event.

ReMag® Liquid
Magnesium Miracle®
A pure, 60,000 ppm form of magnesium that is clinically proven not to create laxative effect
Flora ReVive®
Power of Synbiotics
A soil-based probiotic-prebiotic antifungal formula and part of Dr. Carolyn Dean's Yeast Detox Protocol.
Pico Silver®
Pure, Not Colloidal
A pure, stable ion of silver absorbed at the cellular level without buildup like colloidal formulas

About The Event

The PRO Gut Bundle Event is designed to deliver exceptional value and benefits to both PRO Partners and their patients. PRO Partners can leverage this event to increase their revenue by offering special bundle deals and encouraging recurring orders, ensuring a steady income stream each month.

Incentive To ReSet

This even'ts special discount coupon offers a 22% discount on the purchase of the PRO Gut Bundle, adding significant value to their purchase. Patients can save over $60 with this introductory offer, making it a cost-effective way to start improving their gut health.

A Repeatable Process

Offering Flora ReVive® and Pico Silver® at a discounted rate helps lower risk while building trust and loyalty with your patients, encouraging repeat business. And with the recurring order option, PRO Partners can enjoy a steady income each month as patients continue their subscription to maintain their gut health.

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