International Orders

We are honored to be able to ship our amazing health products to 215 countries around the world. It thrills us to our very CORE to think that people all over the world are improving their body, mind and mood with our incredible formulas! A vast majority of international shipments do not experience problems or delays, and our customers are always very lovely and understanding - but just in case something does goes awry here are some things to consider:


All transactions are shown and made in USD (U.S. dollars). Please contact your bank with any questions regarding conversion rates.

Customs - Restricted Products

It's a big world out there with lots of fun stuff going on all the time. While we make every effort to stay on top of all the customs regulations that effect dietary supplements and their delivery throughout the world, the person singularly responsible for the successful delivery of an international order is the international consumer. As regulations affecting customs for dietary supplements change constantly, we strongly recommend that you check with your local authorities for information on regulations that may affect your ability to receive your order.

International - Lost in Transit

Although it is rare for international orders to be lost, please be aware that it can happen. Delivery time frames are estimates only and do not take into account weekends, holidays, etc. International orders may take up to 21 days to clear customs, depending upon delivery method and government procedures. An international order will not be considered "lost" until 45 days after shipment date. We are unable to process claims until this 45-day period has passed. Please note that we do not offer replacements or store credits. In the event that your order has been lost, you must report it as lost to us within 90 days of the date of purchase. Please contact us by email or chat to discuss your options.

Countries We Do Not Ship To:

  • Mexico
  • Malaysia
  • Spain
  • Syria
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Costa Rica
  • Myanmar

Potential Import Duties and Taxes for International Orders

Our carriers of choice for international shipments are the USPS - which, in turn, becomes your country's postal delivery system; APC which offers true economy shipping; and DHL Global Express. PLEASE NOTE THAT PACKAGES WEIGHING MORE THAN 4.3 POUNDS MUST SHIP WITH A PRIORITY CARRIER.

Refusing your International Delivery because of Customs Charges

You, the customer, are responsible for all duties, taxes and additional fees imposed on you, by your country of residence.

RnA ReSet is not responsible for any packages held by international customs agencies and it is not the responsibility of RnA ReSet to make the customer aware of these agencies and their actions. Please check with your country's customs office to determine their procedures and any potential charges.

If you neglect to pick up your package and it is returned to us, we will not refund the charge for original shipping. We will only refund the cost of your products once we receive your return and the items are in pinpoint perfect condition, both of which circumstances are RARE for international returns. Additionally, if your international package is returned to us, please note that the shipping process is not quick. We have found that returned international packages sometimes take weeks to arrive at our warehouse. So, the time it takes us to make a refund decision may be longer than you would imagine.

International orders may be subject to additional import duties and taxes after checkout.

Some countries add additional courier fees or shipping charges.

Additional charges for in-country courier fees, customs clearance and VAT are customer’s responsibility.

Contact your local customs office for more information.