Nutriments favorisant la formation du collagène

Des formules qui jouent un rôle direct dans la production + protection du collagène dans l'organisme

Why Are These Nutrients Important?

Our body requires vitamins and minerals to produce collagen while its access to high-quality sources determines the quality of the collagen produced. These 3 nutrients have been identified to be at the core of the production, protection, and maintenance of collagen in the body:

Vitamin C

The body's natural synthesis of collagen relies on vitamin C for both the creation and protection of this important protein. And vitamin C has also been identified as a factor in the recycling of collagen in the body and including creating new perfect collagen proteins.


Zinc, like vitamin C, is directly involved in the body's natural process of creating collagen. This important mineral works at the cellular level to modulate collagen synthesis while playing a role in the strength and integrity of the collagen produced.


Synthesis-related Enzymes are dependent on our body's copper-levels to create stable collagen proteins. This mineral partners with zinc as they both promote integrity and strength of collagen produced.