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You Are Unlikely To Have Yeast Overgrowth!

Your Risk Level: Little - Mild Risk

Your answers point to a low probability of having to deal with yeast overgrowth, a fungus-related disease (FRD), in your lifetime. But, even this level of risk can still experience some of the most common symptoms other people do with higher susceptibility to yeast overgrowth.

Consider yourself lucky as many peoples' everyday diets and environment make this hard to do on their own.

Taking The Best Next Steps

What Your Results Can Mean:

Knowledge is power, and we encourage to share this quiz with others to help them receive their own results. FRDs can still affect your family or friends, and you can help them identify them if they start experiencing multiples of these symptoms. Continue your journey below learning about other symptoms and understand the issues people with a higher risk of yeast overgrowth are dealing with.

What Would Your Doctor Say About It?

Many healthcare professionals most likely will attempt to treat yeast with an antifungal pill (drug or natural) without understanding this silo-approach won't always work. Other healthcare professionals may focus on a yeast diet as the only therapy. A third group of experts would say that all you need is a special probiotic to rebalance your gut biome.
Research and best practices are now starting to point to handling FRDs with a combination of all three.

Candidiasis, Candida Related Complex, Candida Hypersensitivity, and Yeast are allergies, and commonly acknowledged as the cause of "Yeast Overgrowth Syndrome" in the body. These fungus-related diseases (FRD) can cause mild discomfort or present more severe symptoms as your body becomes imbalanced.

Learn To Spot The Symptoms

Depending on your risk of experiencing a fungus-related disease, you may experience none or all of these systems during periods of yeast overgrowth. Something else to consider is that people don't always know to assign other symptoms to FRDs because they think it is caused by "something else." Understand all you can about Yeast Overgrowth Syndrome and fungus-related diseases will make you ready for any of your own imbalances.

Mild Symptoms

These symptoms would present in people with lower-risk of FDRs and/or could be an everyday occurrence in people with higher-risk. Milder symptoms of yeast overgrowth may include:

Common First Signs:

* fatigue
* lethargy
* nasal discharge
* coated tongue
* vaginitis

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More Severe Symptoms

These symptoms would present in people with a higher-risk of FDRs, and most likely are something dealt with on a recurring basis. Many people experiencing Yeast Overgrowth Syndrome at these levels have never been able to identify what is causing their recurring disturbances. Dealing with these disturbances for years has allowed yeast to take a deeper hold with the cells, and make it harder to rid yourself of these allergens. More severe symptoms of yeast overgrowth can start affecting entire body structures, and may include:

Low Energy Levels

* weakness
* fatigue
* lethargy

Gut Health Issues

* heartburn
* gas + bloating
* weight gain
* fluid retention

Skin Health Issues

* itchy nose + ears
* itchy eyes
* scratchy throat
* skin rash
* discharges

Brain Health Issues

* headaches
* dizziness
* foggy brain
* anxious thought patterns
* feeling low about life

Take That Next Step

The human microbiome outnumbers the cells of the human body, and your gut health has multiple direct affects on how you feel. But yeast overgrowth and other fungus related diseases (FRD) are health threats that often remain untreated, mistreated, and then undertreated if it is every recognized. That's why it is important to understand that treating yeast overgrowth can be a long-term project, and requires a protocol that supports your body's natural processes of gentle cleansing, rebirth, and long-term maintenance of your daily gut health. And that you need to look out for yourself!

Learn More About What To Do About Yeast Overgrowth:

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