ReStoring Your Thyroid

Join Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND and RnA ReSet for a conversation about the thyroid, supporting its structure and function, and the epidemic of thyroid problems that we face each day. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from a deep discussion on the roots of thyroid dysfunction, and how to address its most common causes.

This special event is perfect for anyone that wants to take control of their personal health by understanding how to maintain the health of your thyroid and your overall well-being.

ReStoring Your Thyroid

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We encourage you to watch and know you will find benefit from learning new ways to support your best health.

What Dr Dean Will Discuss

Take advantage of an opportunity to interact with Dr Dean and her personal insight into having a healthy thyroid gland including:

  • The Structure and Function of the Thyroid
  • How the Thyroid Supports Overall Health
  • The Best Diet and Wellness Routine for Your Thyroid
  • Research Results and Example Nutrient Protocols