Offering An Additional Thank You

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND

I want to thank you again for making a commitment to your own health by attending our latest webinar. We look forward to serving you where we can in support of your own personal health journey.

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND

Thank you for participating

We hope you received value from our presentation, and want to offer an additional thank you for participating. Continue your journey with us and enter to receive a free blender bottle from RnA ReSet.

Be one of the first 500 people to register and receive your code for a free blender bottle with any purchase! This bottle is a great way to mix your mineral water, blend protein drinks, or make a flavor-mask mix with your Vitamin C ReSet powder.

RnA ReSet Blender Bottle

  • 24 oz. Plastic Shaker Bottle
  • 24 oz/700 ml marker
  • Weighted Mixing Ball
  • Snap Tight Lid
  • Convenient Carry Handle
  • BPA Free

The Total Body ReSet blender bottle is an ideal companion to a ReStructure protein shake in the morning, or mixing up a Vitamin C ReSet refresher through the day. And this bottle is also ideal for folks who are adding psyllium seed powder, fruits, hemp milk, or virgin olive oil or coconut oil to their shake.