Total Body ReSet for Women

Total Body ReSet for Women

Join Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND for a discussion about women's reproductive health and the types of nutrients that should be considered from conception to menopause. Stop weighing the risk vs the reward of your body not having enough vitamins and minerals to function. Start exploring new ways to become healthier, stronger women by managing how your unique requirements are met.

Learn with RnA ReSet as Dr Dean explores:

  • The Female's Ever-Transitioning and Transforming Structures
  • What Nutrients Are Needed For Fertility
  • The Body's Requirements During Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • How To Adjust Your Intakes for Perimenopause and Menopause

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Moms love Dr Dean!

"My son, my husband and I all take ReMag® and ReMyte®. Your products have helped me recover, improved my son’s temperament, and completely resolved his constipation issues! A million thank-you’s on behalf of our entire family!"

- Emily Shannon