EVENT: Total Body ReSet for Men

Total Body ReSet for Men

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND and RnA ReSet presents a unique look at Men's Health from a personal and professional level. This deep-dive into the specific health concerns of men and their life-experience is perfect for anyone that is starting a new health regimen, or seeking ways to optimize their health and lifestyle beyond their current levels.

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Total Body ReSet for Men

Finding Your New Peak Levels With Nutrients

Listen as Dr Dean takes questions from LIVE attendees and answers and provides new insight into Men's Health today. Discover easy to implement ways to take back control of your health. Learn how to improve your health outcomes without requiring a complete change in your lifestyle or taking on unobtainable goals for the wrong reasons.

Rebuilding and Restoring

Your body was designed to restore itself naturally from daily stress, injury, and illness when given the right building blocks it needs to rebuild. Dr Dean reveals what your body needs to function at its peak including easy to understand regimens you can follow.

  • Why you should challenge your current rules and expectations when it comes to staying healthy over a lifetime
  • What signs you should be aware of to keep your body from going too far into a state of nutrient deficiency
  • Strategies to convert an unhealthy mental state to a story of success by providing your body the proper nutrients
  • What vitamins and minerals are needed to promote and maintain pulmonary, heart, and overall muscle health

Longevity and Maintenance

Discover what's required to stay active and healthy your entire lifetime with proper nutrition. Learn why many people often hit a wall in their own health journey, and how to overcome it. Start building a strategy that will make a difference in how you function and feel everyday.

  • Understand how to maximize your physical fitness for weight management and building an overall stronger you
  • Identifying the extra focus you need to manage the longevity and energy outputs of the human body
  • A high- to deep-level consideration of what you need to find your edge at any age and stage of your health journey


This event includes testimonials from men of all ages and lifestyles who have experienced an amazing transformation in their own lives through Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND's research.

Listen to why they have become Champions of Dr Dean's Completement Formulas™ and share their success within their own health journeys.

  • Work-Related Stress
  • Diet and Weight Management
  • Heart Health
  • Mental Health
  • Sexual Health
  • Blood Sugar/Insulin Issues
  • Energy and Activity