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Congratulations To Our Finalists

Thank you to the incredible response we received from people around the world, telling us about their own Magnesium Miracle, and saying "Happy Birthday" to ReMag for this special 10 year anniversary.

Now for the fun part! We need everyone to help us pick the grand prize winner!

How To Help Pick Our Winner

Watch The 3 Candidates

With everyone being so excited, we need the extra help to pick who you think is the best. Make sure you watch all 3, ~30 second submissions to choose the best!

Vote For Who You Like

To vote, give the candidate's YouTube video a thumb's up so everyone can see who is winning. Vote for 1, or all 3, and show them the community appreciates their effort!

Tell Everyone You Know

ReMag®'s 10th Birthday only comes once in a lifetime, and we want to hear from everyone. Share the video to your social media, text to your family, or forward an email!

Julie Price

Feel the energy that Julie brings as she discusses her lifestyle changing from surviving to thriving and after reading the Magnesium Miracle and adding ReMag® in celebration of her own life!

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Richard Olsen

Richard has lived an incredible life of experiences and found that ReMag® helps him continue to live the lifestyle he wants to. Be inspired by his longevity and birthday wishes!

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Mary Wright

Mary is thankful for the last 6 years that ReMag has been part of her life, making her feel the best she can be! Listen as Mary thanks Dr Dean for the difference she has known in her life from a dedication to ReMag® in her life.

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