A magnesium deficiency healing journey

Magnesium deficiency is not something you want to leave untreated.

This customer’s story is an example of how magnesium deficiency can have you going around in circles.


I am 38 and, though overweight, I have traditionally had "numbers" reflecting someone in general good health.

In 2018, I displayed symptoms that prompted my doctor to take me off of high estrogen birth control pills. Within the 6 months that followed, my body and hormones were sent on a roller coaster ride of birth control pills, switching from high estrogen to high progesterone to low progesterone in an attempt to find a birth control that I could tolerate. I began each new birth control prescription within days of stopping the previous one, allowing no time for my hormones to level out.

Within a month of beginning the last birth control prescription, my body manifested a new symptom of muscle twitches. We have all experienced the occasional muscle twitch in the eyelid, finger, or other common muscle group. However, these fasciculations were akin to watching electricity run through Christmas lights set in random mode. In any given minute and continually, a twitch might occur in my calf, then my arm, eyelid, back, or any muscle group. These symptoms persisted. I became concerned that this was not a temporary issue.

I also experienced digestive issues that were unpleasant and unpredictable. In an attempt to find relief, I started my medical journey, with various doctors to determine the cause and extent of these issues. Through testing, we found that I was regularly experiencing tachycardia with an elevated resting heart rate as well as hypertension. I was tested for multiple autoimmune conditions as well as Lyme's disease and thyroid issues with no obvious cause determined. As anxiety increased, with every test and new prescription to manage the symptoms, so did depression.

In the end, we did not determine a root cause. I am grateful for the medical professionals that assisted me through these tests and did their best to alleviate my symptoms. Throughout the journey, I felt something was missing and that I was treating symptoms and not the root cause. With no medical background, I decided to focus on what I could impact.

The Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean

I researched natural ways to reduce my hypertension and tachycardia in a manner that complimented my prescriptions. At this point, I found The Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean and RnA ReSet. I was convinced to try magnesium supplements, believing that my symptoms were rooted in a magnesium deficiency.

I began with a low dose of ReMag®, working my way up to full dose and then to a saturation dose. Within the first two doses, I started sleeping through the night. Within a few days of the full dose, the more noticeable fasciculations eased and I began to believe I would find relief.

One year later, after following several months of a magnesium saturation plan followed by a magnesium maintenance strategy, my fasciculations were dramatically reduced. I still have the occasional brief episodes of muscle twitches. However, they last seconds and generally are localized to one area of my body, instead of lasting days and occurring all over.

My hypertension is better managed. My resting heart rate is well within normal boundaries. Anxiety and depression have subsided.

I am only taking medication to help my high blood pressure and have been able to, under medical guidance, stop other prescriptions. My goal is to continue to manage my health and well-being through diet, exercise, and RnA ReSet formulas to further improve my wellness.

Your products have changed the trajectory of my health and wellness. Also, thank you to your team whose exceptional customer service and prompt attention make for a great customer experience. During these unprecedented and uneasy times, your commitment to your products and role in maintaining your customer's health is greatly appreciated.



Moral of the story: start with ReMag®.

Begin with a low dose and go slow, but stick with it until your body begins to experience what we call The Magnesium Miracle. That is when hundreds of essential chemical reactions in the body are replenished with enough magnesium to return to their proper function.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean