Mid Winter ReSet SALE

Now is the time to fortify your health and add a fresh spring in your step.

Save 22% on value-sized formulas

By Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND, bestselling author of The Magnesium Miracle
Mid Winter Sale - 22% OFF

We're nearly halfway through winter.
Get the building blocks to fortify and protect your health.

That’s why we’re putting the LARGE SIZES of 3 fundamental formulas ON SALE until the end of January.

1. Gently yet effectively detox with ReAline® B-Vitamin Complex

ReAline B-Vitamin Complex

Start the year with added vitality, and a spring in your step. Help your body gently detox when it wants to, not when it’s forced to. ReAline® will remove the bad (toxins and yeast die-off) so it doesn’t swish around in your system making you feel groggy, tired, or even sick. The B-vitamins in ReAline® will also support your brain and nervous system while the gentle yet effective process is working it’s magic.

Save on ReAline® 120-capsule


2. Restart your system with ReMag®

ReMag 16 oz

Magnesium is known as “the spark of life” because it activates hundreds of chemical reactions in the body. Holiday eating and drinking binges, with their sugar, alcohol and caffeine can deplete magnesium. Replenish your magnesium after the holidays with ReMag®.

Save on ReMag® 16 oz

3. Enhance your immune system, your nervous system and your hormones with ReMyte®

Bring your health to a new level with ReMyte® liquid electrolytes.

ReMyte® is made without adding processed sugar, food dye or other fillers to the formula so if you don’t want the extra sugar or carbs then ReMyte® is the multi electrolyte solution to use.

ReMyte® goes beyond most solutions by providing 12 minerals in the unique picometer size that allows for high absorption at the cellular level.

Save on ReMyte® 16 oz


Drink your vitamins and minerals with Vitamin C ReSet

You’ve probably heard health experts promote high dose vitamin C as a way to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C ReSet™ provides 22x your daily value of vitamin C.

The combination of whole food and ascorbic acid makes it highly absorbed and effective at the cellular level.

Plus, it has a delicious berry flavor that our customers rave about! Insider tip: stirring it into your mineral water can cover the taste of the liquid minerals!

Save on Vitamin C ReSet™


On sale until January 31, while supplies last.

Doctor Created, Doctor Supported, and Doctor Recommended 

Dr. Carolyn Dean

Dr. Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor and naturopath, and the author of over 35 books including best seller The Magnesium Miracle along with IBS for Dummies, Hormone Balance, and Death by Modern Medicine. In 2011, she launched RnA ReSet and brought her 50 years of experience into the development of proprietary, unique formulations that give every individual at any stage of wellness or illness the building blocks for sustained health, vitality and well-being. 

For years, Dr. Dean has been recommending highly bioavailable minerals as the most effective to support the structure and function of the immune system. When manufacturers would not produce minerals sufficiently small enough to fully penetrate into cells, she realized she had to create her own. The result is the line of picometer mineral formulas available through this site.


Dr. Christiane Northrup

"Dr. Carolyn Dean has been light-years ahead of her time when it comes to the crucial mineral magnesium and its many lifesaving uses. Her work is a gift to humanity. I highly recommend it." —Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times bestselling author.

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