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When Dr. Carolyn Dean couldn’t convince manufacturers to create mineral formulas with particles small enough to penetrate cells, she created them herself. The result is a series of products designed to be used at any age or stage of life, since magnesium adds to the necessary building blocks of overall health.

RnA Reset is truly Dr. Dean’s vision come true. She pours her compassion, heart, and experience into every product made. And along the way, she offers customers four distinct commitments:

  1. Passion about helping you achieve better health.
  2. Only well-researched and clinically appropriate information so you can share the information with your health care team.
  3. A dedication to excellence. If you are not satisfied, neither is our team.
  4. Valuing your time. Our staff is responsive and compassionate to your needs.

RnA ReSet provides a wide range of mineral solutions and supplements to help you to become your healthiest self. Consider adding one of the following products to enhance your regimen:



Our team can help you determine which magnesium products are right for you. Our group of experts listens to your health concerns and helps lead you toward better health and well-being.



Thousands Trust Dr. Dean's Formulas including

Kevin, Ohio

Customer for 4 years

“I have tried the rest and now I stick with the best! Dr. Dean's Completement Formulas produce superior results compared to all other health supplements I have used. Thank you Dr. Dean for the gift of great health!”

Sheri, California

Customer for 2 years

“I used to go to the chiropractor a couple times a week. Now, thanks to your formulas, I have more time to enjoy rollerskating, hiking and mountain biking. I can not thank you enough!”

Julie, Texas

Customer for 4 years

“I have been on the Completement Formulas since 2013 and never miss a day, but ReStructure is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I am eternally grateful.”