Maximum Magnesium Absorption

Magnesium mineral formulas are important for well-being, but many supplements are wasted; most end up going down the drain.

Why does this occur? Most products don’t absorb before going to the large intestine, where they are expelled by the body. Not only does this lead to an upset stomach and diarrhea, but these issues can cause more mineral deficiencies, thereby defeating the entire purpose of taking a magnesium supplement.

ReMag® uses stabilized picometer magnesium ions that absorb completely at the cellular level. Not only is it fast-acting, but you don’t have to worry about flushing your money down the drain. With ReMag® the magnesium goes to your cells, where it is needed most.

ReMineralize yourself

Standing up for your health

Dr. Carolyn Dean wrote the best-seller, The Magnesium Miracle.

Magnesium companies weren't creating products that fully absorbed into the cells of the body. Most were being flushed through the system. Dr. Dean encouraged these companies to do better, but they didn't. So, Dr. Dean took matters into her own hands.

In 2015, she launched RnA Reset®, channeling 40 years of magnesium research and experience into unique formulas that help people thrive.

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